All persons doing business online use email. Those who are successful use it a lot and are very effective with this medium. The most sophisticated internet marketers use email to generate recurring website traffic. They are also generating good profits from their readers. The marketing of a web site is complete once you establish a form that will allow you to gather email addresses. Here are several email marketing tips that you can put in place to improve your sales and profits.

1 -The sender email address

It is vital that your e-mail address is part of your domain. What will your recipients think if they receive messages from your hand with the address You have a domain name, then use it to its highest potential. Your credibility and image will suffer too if you do not give a professional look to your communications.

2 - The Signature

This trick may seem trivial, but spend five minutes studying the messages arriving in your mailbox to admit that few people are really aware of the power of the signature. Roughly, it is simply set your mail software to automatically include a text at the end of each of your emails. Unlike what many people do, it is advisable to put your full address. Try to stay below 5 or 6 lines. If your signature is too long, your correspondents will not grasp the essence.

3 - The Post-Scriptum

The PS is the most read section of a message. Automatically when a message is opened, you read the opening words (probably the title) and you'll usually at the end, read the author. And you fall on the PS and read it. The postscript is a good place to put an advertisement, not directly related to the subject of your message. For example, if you reply to a customer about a product for washing machines, you can have a PS like this:

PS: Have you seen the description of our anti-static brush? It is not yet available but you can take a sneak preview if you register on

4 - Mailing lists (newsletters)

This is probably the best place to talk about you. These publications are targeted and read by people who have asked to receive them directly in their mailbox. Response rates are higher than the banner ads on sites and usually your message can be more detailed. Try to exchange, barter or buy advertising space in the lists.

5 - Your own newsletter

If it is cost-effective to advertise in other e-zines, it is even more interesting to have yours: not only your promotion will be free but you can withdraw advertising revenue. The secret is to provide quality content with a regular copy. Once your readers know and trust you, they will be faithful and become influenced by following your recommendations.

6 - Auto-responders

These are systems that automatically respond to emails. The power of this principle is that your prospects receive information automatically, while providing their email address. Spend time to create automatic messages. It is an investment that should not be overlooked.

The power of email marketing is obvious, but too many people do not use it completely. Follow the advice above and add a little common sense, you should be winning.

To Your Success!

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