Gatwick airport is one of the world's airports where there is an aircraft movement almost every minute. The Gatwick airport is in fact the airport with the world's busiest single-use runway and due to this reason; the airport stays extremely busy throughout the year. Gatwick is equipped with all the features and facilities you can expect from any of the world's best airports. It has two terminal buildings one on north and the other on south. The north and south terminal buildings of Gatwick airport are connected with each other with the help of driverless trains. This makes it very easy for people to get from one building to another without having to walk all the way with heavy luggage and stuff. The parking at Gatwick is available in front of both North and South terminal buildings of Gatwick airport. The air traffic control tower of Gatwick is also one of the most advanced and hi-tech air traffic control towers of the world. The airport is best choice for all kinds of travelers including families, individuals, business or corporate class.

The London Gatwick airport is ideal for all kinds of passengers however for the corporate class, there were some parking issues in the past which have recently been resolved by the private airport vehicle parking companies. The passengers need to park their vehicle at far off parking places available at Gatwick airport and therefore have to walk all the way on feet along with the baggage. This practice of walking all the way from Gatwick airport parking might not be a hassle for the occasional or economy class passengers however the business class people of London who often travel to other countries usually place their vehicles on the airport till their return form for their trip. This is a very helpful procedure and it really works but only if you hire valet parking at Gatwick airport. The valet parking is a special privileged meet and greets parking service that works best for regular and corporate class travelers. This private service which is offered by private and registered airport parking companies of London has become extremely popular in the new era.

The meet and greet parking is one of the most reliable and convenient methods of parking. All you need to do is to make an order for reservation of your parking on a specific date and time. You will also be asked to provide with the estimated time of your return. Just minute before you reach the airport, you need to give a call to the company's chauffeur who will arrive at the gate of departures lounge where he will take over the charge your vehicle and drive it safely to the company's private parking space. You do not need to worry about the safety and care of your vehicle as it will be parked at a highly secure parking space which is monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras and is cleaned on daily basis for optimized maintenance. You get your vehicle back upon your arrival at the airport right in front of the arrivals lounge exit. This meet and greet at Gatwick has worked wonders for the businessmen and corporate class travelers.

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