International trade has seen a rise of sourcing to almost a new level, since the first time it started with the developing economies proving their metal. Then, it was a strategic move for companies wanting make quick money from the low cost countries. But, as this sourcing from countries like China has become the taste of success, in contemporary times sourcing is a necessity. It has become a necessity because of the existing cut-throat competition. Fierce competition has compelled many hesitant companies to source products from low cost countries. Expected returns and competition have forced companies to seek reduction in expenditure and simultaneously maintain the product quality.

A large number of companies are gearing up for sourcing products from China. Companies like Carrefour have China sourcing for a large range of their products with a 40% cut in expenditure as compared to buying those products from their respective countries. Products like chemicals, basic commodities, packaging, molding, casting, small machining and many other products or components are an important part of China Sourcing. Intelligent companies source only a fraction of their components where they can get the best results, while others are produced in the country. This can be done after a thorough market analysis. One such company is Ford Motors. It is very important to realize that it is not as easy to relocate all the sourcing strategies in a small period of time. In global sourcing, many companies have failed to meet the requirements due to lack of analysis and planning. This was because evaluating suppliers and managing supply chain operations turned out to be a little more complex then assumed.

But proper knowledge regarding sourcing can be collected from the numerous web portals that give information regarding global sourcing. Also, the other way to collect information regarding sourcing is the fairs. These two have facilitated searching of China manufacturers for sourcing material from China. A company can be convinced of the professionalism by a very attractive website and a very convincing sales proposition. But, the most difficult job is to find good suppliers. It is very difficult for many companies to convince the suppliers. But this is not the end of the struggle. Custom delays and lack of proper communication are also reasons for making sourcing a less appealing option. Language and culture factors are often neglected. A number of companies considered only the cost factor but did not pay heed to factors like communication gaps, language barrier and cultural barrier which later on turned out to be bigger threats than anticipated.

Thus, although China Sourcing is a sure shot success in current times, but for it to be success there are certain norms that a company needs to follow. Top management is required to understand the broader view and only then make a sourcing strategy. Middle level management needs to make sure that the benefits of the low cost strategies outweigh the risks and inventory costs. With, this approach a company can safely invest into Chinese sourcing and make the most out of the low cost strategy and also the innovations Chinese products are bringing into the international trade. ( is the leading B2B platform, combining vertical search engine with value added service portal. It has more than 430 000 China quality suppliers and provides top quality B2B services to both sellers and buyers worldwide.
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