There are a lot of criteria to keep in mind while choosing a weight training program, however the most important one is the need to identify your requirements. Majority of weight training programs are designed for keeping body types in mind. There is no bodybuilding programs that can be said as universally applicable and you can easily discount any such claim as advertisement or marketing propaganda rather than a committed effort towards educating about weight training and bodybuilding. Most of weight training programs are either designed for beginner to intermediate level or for intermediate to advanced level of trainers. It is important to know and chose a program accordingly. There is no fixed criteria for defining levels in weight training classifications. However following general guidelines can be used.

Beginner Level: Someone who is either just starting with bodybuilding say for a period less than six months and is still to make a gain of around 25 pounds since the time of start. Please note that the time period of six month is just a guideline, you might have been training for years without having made any progress and you may be really lacking in the knowledge or efforts required to be classified as an intermediate bodybuilders.

Intermediate Level:These are people who have had a pleasant experience with bodybuilding and made a good start, it may be genetically gifted to them or a result of their dedicated efforts or a combination of both but at the current level they have reached a region where the growth is not coming the way it should come. Typically, people who have been training for 6- 12 months get classified as intermediates but it is not a good criteria.

Advanced Level: These are normally people who are breaking into their max region where they have become more biased either towards professional bodybuilding or related areas. Normally people training over 18 months with good knowledge and growth get classified into this area.

The first and the most important consideration is that you should know that which of the above categories do you belong with. If you think that you are a beginner or still at intermediate level then there is no point going for an advanced course. Most of the people fit in beginner level which makes it relatively easy to choose a bodybuilding program. Its the people at intermediate level, who find themselves in real confusion as to which category of programs should they opt for. The idea should be that if you are looking for gaining muscle mass or fat loss then go for beginner/intermediate level weight training programs, while if you think that you have gained mass and now you need to break of the plateau region and you want to move more towards your body looks while gaining additional mass then go for intermediate/advanced level weight training programs. You can read this classification of bodybuilding and weight training programs. It is bound to give you a deeper insight into weight training programs. For those of you who are at beginner or intermediate level, I suggest that you can read a review of musclehead or read about Sean Nalewanyj's Truth About Building The Muscle. These both programs are good and have been used by a lot of people. Remember one thing a program not meant for you is not going to bring you any benefit even if it is the most popular program on earth. Make your decisions wisely.

Nick Clipton
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