A truck accident attorney should be called in if a collision has occurred with a big rig. Here are some things to think about.

A truck driver attorney is a personal injury lawyer who focuses on accidents that have occurred with big rigs and semis. Some of the largest settlements in personal injury cases have been awarded to motorists who have collided with these massive trucks. Truckers serve an important purpose in our commercial goods transport system as they carry an array of goods from Point A to Point B. There are refrigerated semis that carry groceries, dairy products and perishables. There are moving lines that haul our furniture and belongings when we relocate. Even new automobiles coming off the factory line are hauled to the various dealers around the country to be sold. This is an important job and a big responsibility.

Big rig operators must have a certain type of drivers' license to be able to drive one of those large vehicles. Those 18 wheelers are heavy, wide, tall and take a great deal of maneuvering skill and finesse to turn, stop, and weave through traffic with lanes full of smaller automobiles. Sometimes these truckers have been driving for hours and even overnight. In their rush to get their merchandise delivered on time, truckers may skimp on sleep, overload their cargo and become an unsafe presence of the roads and highways. When one of these big guys crash into a sedan, sports car or motorcycle, it's not a pretty picture. Vehicles are totaled, bones are broken, and lives are lost.

What can be done:

- Regulations: There are regulations in place that are overseen by the FMCSA, which stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is a safety watchdog that works to keep the roads and all motorists safer. The regulators at this agency are in the process of trying to tighten up regulations to ensure safer driving conditions.

- Specific number of hours on the road: Rules only allowing truckers to be driving their rigs a certain number of hours each day could force drivers to get enough sleep. They have logs in their vehicles to record this information.

- More truck stops: Truck stops along the routes that have parking areas for sleeping in their cabs, showering in the facilities provided and eating in the diner could make it easier for the rigs to park and get some shuteye.

- Cargo weighing station: In order to make sure loads are not too heavy and properly balanced, having more weighing stations and requiring periodic check-ins could promote safer highways and streets.

If a person or one of his or her loved ones has been involved in a collision with a semi hauling merchandise across the nation or around town, he or she will need to make immediate contact with a truck accident attorney. Compensation for injuries, vehicular damage, pain and suffering, lost wages and wrongful deaths are due to the victims as well as the family members. Accidents happen, but if it's because of negligence on the part of the rig operators, a settlement needs to be reached in order to compensate victims for the losses and trauma.
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