One of the great things about dating is that you get to have sex, right? Wrong! Well not in the first few weeks or so anyway. Not if you want it to last. If you hate hearing this piece of advice, then can I suggest that you absolutely need to read this article urgently and digest all its contents? Continue to ignore it and you may end up repeating the biggest of dating mistakes which will continually doom your relationships to failure. So, how long should you make him wait for sex, and why?

Well, whilst there are no hard and fast rules, generally you should wait as long as you can. Yes, this is unfair. In this age of so-called equality why should the rules be different for men? Well call it instinct or biological programming or whatever you like but the fact is, in relationships, that equity is the best you can hope for. When you have sex with a man, you will naturally bond with him immediately. However, no such bond is created for the man. This leaves you in a weak position as you are prematurely invested in having a relationship with him. You therefore need to wait in order to protect yourself so that you can find out what kind of man you are getting involved with before you get attached to him.

Think for a moment about the word "catch" and how it relates to dating. This suggests that there is a chase and, whilst this idea causes frustration for many women, men really do love the thrill of it. What makes you a "catch" is the fact that he had to catch you - he had to put some effort in. In fact, it is this chase and how you handle it that makes you stand out from other women. If you are easy to catch because you slept with him early on, he will not value you much. It is human nature to only value something that you have made an effort to get and to tire easily of something that was handed to you on a plate. It makes you much more valuable in his eyes when you make it a bit harder for him. And, in this context, it makes sense to make him wait for sex rather than giving yourself away.

Men tend to divide women into 2 categories early on - relationship material or good time girl - and sex is often the deciding factor in this. He will only see you as relationship material if you do not make it too easy for him. Otherwise you will never be more than a casual relationship. At the beginning of dating, if you value yourself, you are subtly laying down your terms and conditions for the continuation of your relationship. If you give yourself away before he has put any effort in, he is never going to make any effort for you because you simply didn't require it up front.

On the other hand, when you wait, you build the sexual tension between you and make him want you more. When he finally gets what he has been waiting for, it is much sweeter, more memorable and more exciting. Men generally enjoy sex so much more with a woman who has made them wait. It is more special and, when it is that good, they will want more.

Can you see now that there are reasons why you make yourself extremely vulnerable when you have sex with him early on? And why making a guy wait for sex is a much better ploy and will benefit both of you. If you want to succeed at dating then don't put yourself in the position where you will be tempted to let down your guard and have sex with him early on. Make him wait and make it a much more pleasurable experience which will keep him coming back for more.

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