Is there a “perfect” massage therapist? Just as there are no perfect people in the world, unfortunately, no perfect massage therapist exists either. However, when we select a professional to provide us with hot stone therapy massages, the next-best-thing is to find a therapist who is the best for us. Though this process is not quite an exact science, following some basic steps can make our selection more effective:

1. Ask your friends and relatives for massage therapist referrals

While exceptions to every rule exist, roughly 99% of our friends and family members would not give us a referral for a product or service with which they were disappointed. Of course, there is the chance that a therapist may not be as effective for you, as he or she was for your friend or relative. However, studies have shown that referrals are the best means of advertising. Simply put, trust maintains relationships.

2. Never hesitate to switch therapists

If the results are not satisfactory after a few visits, find another therapist.

3. Read and study about the various types of massages

When choosing a massage, a wide variety of styles is available. Your choices include sports massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Thai massage, etc. Each style of massage differs from all the others, and focuses on various methods. It is important to get a basic knowledge about the different styles, to learn which one best suits your needs.

A hot stone massage is basically the “massage before the massage.” A therapist places specially-heated stones on your body, which provides many benefits, such as loosening up the muscles. This helps to make whichever method of massage you choose, more effective.

4. Never limit your sources for locating a therapist

You can find an effective therapeutic massage therapist, through a variety of means, including:

• advertisement

• Internet

• phone book

• referral

• word-of-mouth

The key is to be willing to use any of these means, for finding an effective massage therapist. Although some methods arguably work better than others do, the process is simply a numbers game. The more therapists that you include in your search, the greater the chance that you will locate the best therapist.

5. Speak to a massage therapist prior to making an appointment with him or her

Much of selecting a massage therapist is related to rapport. By speaking with the person for a few minutes, you can get a sense if your personalities and temperaments click.

Furthermore, ask the right questions to get the right answers. You can learn about whether the therapist has experience in treating any health conditions you have. Learn if he or she is certified, and if so—which certifications. Find out how many years of massage experience the person has.

Finding a “perfect” hot stone massage therapist is relative. However, you can certainly find the best massage therapist for you. Following the aforementioned steps can help you to locate him or her, by following some methods that are tried and true. Let the search begin!

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