If you have the perfect nose, you can stop reading this article immediately. Most of us don't, and almost all of us have some feature that we'd like to change. Lucky for us, the world of plastic surgery offers the rhinoplasty, more commonly known as the nose job.

Whether you want to make a tiny adjustment or get the tip retouched, or whether you'd like a full scale re-nosing, you can expect to pay quite a bit for your rhinoplasty. Costs range from about $4,000 to $8,000, and depending on the amount of work, it can even reach the astronomical $10,000!

This is just not in the family budget for most of us. The good news is that you can get financing to help you with your plastic surgery. Let's look at the most viable rhinoplasty payment options.

Borrow The Money! But From Where?

When you don't have a money tree in the back yard that you can shake several thousand out of, the next best option is to borrow. Financing for plastic surgery is no pipe dream. There are simple ways for ordinary folks to make it happen.

Now, try walking into your local major bank and outlining your vision of remaking your physical appearance and getting the perfect body, and they'll tell you politely and without laughing, "I'm sorry, we don't finance facial reform." Traditional lenders are not going to help you but there are finance companies that specialize in cosmetic upgrades.

Finding A Good And Reputable Finance

The bad news about these finance companies is that some of them are less than ethical. Some companies will tell you which plastic surgeons you can use. The surgeons they pick may be lousy, and they may also charge the surgeon for the recommendation! There's a conflict of interests here; a good financing company should help you pay for it and not be recommending doctors.

When you go in for your consultation with the surgeon, ask them for a recommendation. Most clinics will recommend a good, trustworthy financing company that they like to use. If you're unsure, you can always check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they've ever had a complaint. You can also enter the name of the company in a search engine along with search terms like "stinks," "rip-off" or "scam" to see if anybody's said anything bad about them.

Will Insurance Cover A Rhinoplasty?

Health insurance is another option, but it's not viable for most people. Your health care provider will usually cover a rhinoplasty only if it's to help with breathing. Some nosejobs aren't just cosmetic; they're used to open the breathing canal and remove obstructions. Usually, rhinoplasty is only covered if it's reconstruction surgery.

Once you've got your financing all squared away, it's time for your operation. In just hours, you'll be looking at a new you. It'll take a few days of mummy-like bandages and a few weeks of swelling and soreness, but it's worth the wait. Get your rhinoplasty paid for, and your plastic surgeon will do the rest.

If you are interested in getting a rhinoplasty, Virginia doctors are ready to give you a new look. Find out more today at http://www.cpsdocs.com/.
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