Many people are not really aware of what the fair market value of a home is. So what exactly is a fair market value? It’s interesting that people are selling off properties all the time, and many people are buying, yet many still don’t know what it means.

In some quarters, it’s said that a home’s fair market value is in fact tied in with its home market value. The term “fair market value” was coined because of the discrepancy among people in terms of what they’re willing to pay for homes. That’s why “fair market value” has become a concept used by many people.

To better understand what exactly fair market value means, most researchers have pointed out that it is essentially related to the price that the seller will sell at, freely, and that at which a buyer will buy freely. If you want to understand a bit more about what fair market value means, you can take a look at the state laws of Louisiana.

The laws of the state of Louisiana hold that fair market value means the price that an informed seller and buyer would agree on. As far as Louisiana is concerned, the fair market value should be a price that is the highest a home could get on the open market. To determine this value, a home should be on the market for sufficient time that informed buyers could decided to buy it. These buyers should understand what the property can and cannot be used for, and so would have a good idea.

The actual dollar value that comes from the fair market value can be a very important factor in the majority of cases. These are important considerations in the following events: when a home gets priced to be sold, when someone makes an offer to buy property, when taxes are imposed on a home by local assessors, and in the case of a divorce settlement. Besides those things, the dollar amount that the fair market value represents becomes a critical factor in cases when homes are part of an estate and the government intends to take possession of the home through the process of condemnation.

Last of all, it is interesting to note that most people have a habit of using the term “fair market value” for a wide variety of thing. It is used for a number of things such as the age, location, and many other factors that are tied in with the home’s fair market value.

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