Lord Ganesha is perhaps one of the most popular Hindu Deity in the world. The reasons for his popularity are manifold but the most important ones happen to be his connection to good luck, success and prosperity. He is worshipped as the harbinger of ?Shubh? and ?Labh?- meaning auspiciousness and profits respectively.

As such those who seek to truly show their gratitude to this Lord of Plenty, often attempt to find and decorate their alters with figurines of Lord Ganesha made of precious metals like gold and silver. This practice of decorating one?s deity with precious metals and stones like diamond, rubies, sapphires and topaz happen to be a tradition prevalent in the houses of the wealthy in India and in the temples of various Gods and Goddesses.

Unfortunately, with a boom in the internet forum of various subscribers and vendors, there have emerged a set of unscrupulous traders who do end up cheating their customers; that makes it necessary for all prospective buyers to really become proactive in doing some research before they make any purchases.

Gold is a commodity that has consistently shown the capacity of being a good measure of economic metrics at an international level. The amount of gold any country has is usually considered to measure the value of that country?s currency. Regardless of the value of the currency, the value of gold always remains standard even during times of economic crisis. Which means if a person was to invest in gold instead of stocks, their chances of being secure are always the highest. It is little wonder therefore that so many people around the world consider honouring their deities by dedicating shrines and figurines out of gold.

At sakshatexperience.com we take every care possible to ensure the highest standard of our products. Since ?Sakshat? literally means ?in person?, we believe it is extremely important to bring the purest and best representation of divinity to all of our patrons. Jewellers and sculptors who have, over generations, been in the tradition of crafting magical figurines from precious metal help build the collection of our store.

So all you need to do is come to us and browse through our archives and rest assured that the best quality product shall reach your door step promptly.

The Sanskrit word ‘Sakshat’ loosely translated in English signifies embodiment. The “Sakshat Experience” then stands for the embodied experience realized through the encounter with divinity. The Sakshat Experience is a unique endeavour on our part to bring to the world the brilliance of Indian mythology that goes back to antiquity. We present beautifully handcrafted pieces of arts, including figurines of Hindu Gods and Goddesses to devotees and connoisseurs the world over. We do not sell instant gratification of the senses but we bring to the table much more than money can ever buy.

Each and every piece of figurine in our collection is sourced from talented artisans who do not merely build idols but employ themselves in the creation of a mission that we help complete- the mission is direct and simple- to bring to all desirous of attaining, the benediction of a tradition that goes back over three millennia. The artisans charm brass, silver, wood and even resin to beautifully represent the majesty of Gods and Goddesses.

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