Be a team member of National Hockey League, Toronto Maple Leafs is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and loved by many Canadians. Come to be one of the NHL Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference. The most amazing thing is that this hockey team was loved by so many Canadians and Americans though the team treat fans not good at all.

Be a team member of National Hockey League, Toronto Maple Leafs is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and loved by many Canadians. They are one of the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). They were include into the first six members of NHL, is public known as the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club and in charge of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, (MLSE). They originally play at Maple Leaf Gardens for 68 years and moved into Air Canada Centre (ACC) since 1999.

The leafs battle against Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators is so fierce that great amount like the game. They got 13 championships less than the Canadiens, who have 24. They did not win any Stanley Cup since 1967. This is also the most longest-active Cup drought in the NHL. But the Leafs still be the most valuable team in the NHL in 2010, at $505 million.

Fan base

"Leafs Nation" is the name we called Maple Leafs fans. The nickname is frequently used in the fans website. To obtain one home game ticket at any time in Canada is a hard thing for fans. In 2008, more than 2500 people waited for season tickets. All games tickets had been sold out from 1946 to 1999, in which year they moved into Air Canada Centre. They also sold out all tickets from October 2002 after moving to ACC. The average total ticket fare each game arrives US$1.9 million. They got the most top average ticket revenue each game in 2007-2008 season, made more than $1.5 million profit every game.

Inconceivable, they Leafs is an equally passionate dislike of the team by other NHL teams fans. They was deemed to be the "Most Hated Team in Hockey" by Michael Farber, who be the Sports Illustrated hockey writer. This team fans was know to all for their loyal despite poor treatment. They treat the fans so bad that be the second last of all Big Four Leagues ,NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

The Leafs also win so much American fans. For great amount of migratory people flock to locales such as Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and Miami, where is warmer than Canada. The need of tickets increase greatly if franchises play the Maple Leafs.

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