In this Internet Era, it is needless to say that online presence is a must for any business. With the availability of plethora of web technologies, it’s not a big deal to go online and have one’s own website. The trick lies in identifying the best technology solution that helps to have a feature rich, and easily manageable website. Along with it, other points like the feasibility, turnaround time, ease of use also play an important role in the decision making for the choice of web technology and content management solution.

DotNetNuke is unarguably one of the best web content management platforms (CMS) available in the market today. Being the part of Microsoft ecosystem, the product has a lot to offer. It is used for building professional and easy-to-manage commercial websites, social intranets, partner extranets and even community portals. Made of dynamic content of different types, DNN® sites can be easily deployed and updated. Apart from this, there are thousands of commercial extensions, apps and skins, which are available as part of the DotNetNuke Store that facilitate fast and affordable extension of existing DotNetNuke sites.

Along with robust content management system, DotNetNuke also includes several other diverse features like a rich-text editor, file management, Cloud-readiness with MS Azure compatibility, Mobile API and basic mobile device detection, Robust Security, Administration features, Modern client-side Web tools like CSS 3, HTML 5 and JQuery etc.

Agiline LLC, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, is one among the early birds that adopted DNN for website development, even before DNN went on to become a popular phenomenon. The company is completely into custom software development domain for over a decade, and has designed and developed diverse solutions, gaining immense expertise, especially in the DotNetNuke sector.

Agiline holds experience and expertise in almost every sphere of DNN, staring from Website development, to custom web applications, DNN CMS modules and skins to DNN Consultancy and support. The team at Agiline comprises experts specializing in DNN, which is capable of offering end-to-end technology solutions in DotNetNuke. Leveraging the flexibility and powerful features offered by DNN, Agiline offers cost effective solutions with rapid deployment times, saving both money and time.

Keep It Simple philosophy always works. That’s why DNN modules are the recent rage among the tech-freaks. DNN modules provide the necessary functionality and keep things simple. Along with simplicity, they also offer flexibility to customize several parameters, and that’s what makes all the difference. DNN Modules with their ability and flexibility to plug-n-play are here to stay. Explore the wonderful world of DNN Modules from Agiline. Get in touch with us to know more…

Since branding is the big thing in the corporate sector, Agiline offers specialized solutions and services related to DNN skins, which can bring about the branding ideas of any company to life.

Agiline also specializes in DNN CMS (Content Management System) Module development. With these flexible modules content management is easy, as well as fun. Agiline’s CMS modules, make updating Blogs, Forums, Events, Forms etc. very simple and straightforward. Some of the DNN CMS modules also provide a means to make the content SEO friendly.

The DNN platter of Agiline is incomplete without its DNN Consultancy, Support and Training services. Having its share in every aspect related to DNN, Agiline can definitely be your best bet to get end-to-end DNN Solutions and Services.

Agiline LLC is a software development, solutions and consulting firm based in Southern California. The company is Microsoft Gold Certified and holds special expertise in DNN Solutions like website development, custom application development. For more details, logon to download
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