Media storage can be a real issue in the family room as your family adds to movie, music, and game collections. You want to protect the massive investment associated with each of these genres, but do not want the room to look cheap or outdated. Most of us who spend that kind of money also want to be able to showcase the collections that we work so hard to put together. That is not unreasonable, but the level of sophistication for your storage ideas is often dictated by your own budget.

Creative media storage ideas for the family room are often about balancing your need for storage with your budget considerations. Shelving and bookcases are attractive, but can be costly. Milk crates and cardboard boxes look tacky, but are easy to find and do the job in a pinch. Here are some other ideas for creative media storage ideas for the family room in your home.

Boxy Ideas

There are many ways to incorporate boxes that you may already have for a creative media storage idea. Footlockers, trunks, chests, and similar methods work great for storing a variety of media, such as CDs, DVDs, VHS movies, video games, and much more, without worrying about damage. They are also easy to use for organization, and you can customize the box with creative accents.

These creative storage ideas are versatile and functional, often doubling as foot rests, end tables, or coffee tables in addition to valuable storage space. Those with drawers for access to the stored media are a great place to stand a lamp or other light as well. This is another great way to save money: Choose creative media storage ideas that are multi-purpose or multi-functional.

People use milk crates and similar storage ideas for media, but they can look less sophisticated at best. Use online resources, such as auction websites, to find great storage ideas without having to spend a lot of money. The more you save, the more you can put back into your media budget.

Existing Storage

You may not even realize how much storage you already have available in your family room, such as underneath the entertainment center or beneath an aquarium. Bookshelves can make great storage for movies, music, and games, and you can easily see what you have. For a modern approach to storage, consider shelves that line the top of each wall, to keep all media out of reach of little hands without hiding them in drawers or bins. Sometimes, the best and most affordable idea is to just use what you have.

Budget can be your key consideration when you are thinking of creative media storage ideas for the family room, as some storage alternatives are much more costly than others. The best start to this type of project is always to organize what you have and discover what you want to keep versus what you would be willing to give up. The less there is to organize and store, the cheaper the option will become in most cases.

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