With all of the modifications being done to standard trucks and SUV's there is one goal, one purpose, for the entire process. To achieve a better ride, smoother performance and general all around off road capability suspension lifts are important. Trucks and SUV's are meant to be taken where others of its kind cannot. They do not call it a Sports Utility Vehicle for laughs. In this the most important factor then to your vehicles performance is its suspension system.

This system is made up of two parts: the springs and shock absorbers. The shocks are what we are most aware of as drivers as they help to reduce the random jarring of hitting larger then normal rough patches in our roads. Without these we would be in for one bumpy ride literally not too mention that without them all of that jarring can cause damage to the vehicle as well. They work to keep your wheels connected to the pavement. There are different types of suspension as well. You have the front end suspension dependent type which is good for off road traveling, front end suspension independent type, double wishbone suspension systems, trailing arm suspension and so much more.

These suspensions work to dis[censored] weight in a balanced fashion as your car accelerates as well as absorb and eliminate damage done but any shocks received from the road's surface. In most cases modifications like these are sold separately and can run on the expensive side. However, this has not deterred individuals from buying and installing them on their vehicle. In the end, the rate of performance outweighs the money spent. GMC, Chevy and Tuff County all make some of the top performing suspensions systems in the business. These top sellers are cost effective which makes them some of the most po[censored] r on the market.

Despite not being sold as part of the package on manufacturer standard vehicles, suspension systems are something that everyone has or is getting. If you have ridden in a vehicle with them and without them you can see why they are so po[censored] r. In fact it is hoped that at some point the automobile industry will recognize and take into account the fact that car owners want these on their vehicles and simple begin installing them as a key feature before their automobiles leave the line. Time will tell, but until then we can count on places like Tuff County to supply us with all of our suspension needs.

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