Most snoring sound is generated from the mouth and throat

When we look to solve a person’s snoring problem you need to know or be at least fairly certain what exactly is cause it to happen. By intentifying and understanding what cause an individual to snore you are maybe wasting time and money to solve the problem. With snoring in general you are looking at structures in the mouth and throat that vibrate due to restricted air flow these vibrations result in the snoring sound. By addressing the restricted airflow you are closer to preventing or reducing the snoring sound.

Throat mouth structures that vibrate

The structures in the throat and mouth that can vibrate are uvula and the soft palate.

The uvula is simple to find it is a teardrop shaped skin flap that hangs down from the throat center. This skin flap can vibrate when it touches the soft palate or possibly the tongue. The soft palate is also on the roof of the mouth is the softer area behind the teeth. By focusing on reducing the possibly these structures don’t touch or vibrate you can stop or reduce snoring. One quick way is to maintain breathing through the nose so the air flow does not pass by these structures. To reduce the possibility that the air flow will go directly through the mouth is to breath thought the nose but that is difficult to do consistently at time the 2nd option is to reduce restrictions to air flow that passes though the mouth when sleeping.

Four Special types of exercise can help reduce air flow restrictions

Below are four exercises that can help reduce restrictions for clearer breathing to help to reduce the vibrations that cause snoring.

1. The first one strengthens the jaw and throat it is called open close jaw- with your hand holding your jaw push your jaw out and hold this position for five to ten seconds.

2. The second address the same area exercising the lower jaw hold a relaxed lower jaw with your hand for ten seconds and repeat.

3. This exercise helps the tongue be less of an impediment to clear breathing, stretch out the tongue and hold do this ten times daily.

4. Singing is an overlooked way to help with snoring-sing vowels (a, e, i, o, u) or notes do briefly then repeat.

Nutrition and weight loss and its role in snoring

Overall better nutrition can help you with snoring, because it can reduce nasal congestion and promote clearer breathing. By losing weight particularly if you have fatty tissues around the neck area which again promotes less obstructed breathing which can reduce or stop snoring. By trying these tips you should see improvement in reducing your snoring, keep in mind as you do these exercises and/or lose weight it may take some time before the results begin to happen.

If no results consider working with specialists

If you don’t see results or any improvement, particularly if you have a problem of consistent or chronic snoring, you may want to consult with medical specialists. Some of the most common are ENT doctors (a throat, nose and ear specialists) and sleep laboratories.

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