An easy and simple way to tie a square scarf is to fold it into a triangle shape, and wrapping it around to let the ends fall on the front. Now scarves are used to add a touch of glamour to any outfit and indeed now it is not limited to it’s usage as a sign of modesty or dress code. When you're shopping for scarves, remember that they should reflect your personality and complement your wardrobe and overall style.

In this place and time, fashion plays an important role in today’s society. Every year there is always something new, and even sometimes something old, which is brought to life in the fashion industry. And very recently, triangle scarfs have made its way to spotlight. Here is a step-by-step process on how to achieve this hip and chic look.

The first thing to do to get started would be to grab a large square scarf. Choose one which most matches the outfit you will wear. Any fabric of the accessory will be fine. Lay out the square on any flat surface, then grab one corner of the material and match it with its opposite corner.

Now there are many variations on what type of look you wish to acquire from this stylish accessory. If you want a big and sort of drape-like look, you can wrap it around your neck after one fold. These large droopy scarfs go well with semi-formal occasions for cocktails or party gatherings.

However, if you want a neckerchief look grab the corner of the newly formed triangle you made and match it with the other corner. Then fold the end of triangle once or twice and wrap it around your neck. Make sure that when you wrap it there is a little space between the neckerchief and your neck so that you don’t end up choking yourself.

This neckerchief look is most often used for casual outings. They make you look incredibly stylish yet simple at the same time. Most celebrities like Jessica Alba and Caleb Follwill, lead singer of Kings of Leon, are usually seen with this accessory. And because this look doesn’t require any specific shirt or pants to match your outfit, all the while it makes even more fun to use this.

When you’re done tying the scarf around your neck, the point of the triangle can be placed either at the front of your chest or in between your shoulders and chest. The ends shouldn’t be shown in the front; place them behind your shoulders if ever the ends are too long. Remember it is you who carries the scarf, not the other way around.

The versatility of triangle scarfs is so huge that everyone loves to wear it no matter what season it is. The thing that makes this item so great is that it is not limited to men or women only. It is a unisex piece of clothing and will bring vibrancy and color to anyone who desires to wear it.

People are always interested in fashion and want to know how it can work for them regardless of age, size or race. Tying silk scarfs is not required special skills, you just need to follow instructions. Tying the silk scarf is so simple even a little school going girl can do it by herself. is an amazing website for you to fix dll error. Click here:
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