The idea of moving can be a really stressful time for anyone at any age. However, this stress escalates for seniors who in a sense don't have a choice but to move into a long-term care facility. As a child, helping your parent's transition into this big move is the best thing you can do, as this can be a very stressful, depressing, and even confusing time. Helping them to transition could mean doing research on the facilities in the area, talking with other seniors that also reside in an assisted living program in Putnam area. The thought alone that they are not able to care for themselves any longer is enough to stress them out and therefore you want to assure them that things will be fine. Below are some steps that might help you in talking with your parents and preparing them for their new living arrangements.

If you follow these steps listed below you are sure to put their mind at ease. Remember helping them to feel comfortable with the idea is the best way for everyone involved including the staff that is there to help. Parents or grandparents that feel like the decision is made because they are "needy" or "unwanted" will be less likely to want to cooperate in the move which always causes conflict.

1. Get Rid of Negative Thoughts – when you hear about assisted living or retirement homes you are likely to hear the negative publicity over the positive. Therefore you want to try and start by erasing any of the negative ideas that they might have about going to a "home". Assure them that you are doing this because you love them, and be ready to emphasize the benefits of moving into such a facility.

2. Research, research, research – You as the child should be sure that you have done all the necessary research on the facility you are considering. You want to know things such as who owns the facility as well as the re[censored] tion it has in the community. You should also check things such as safety and health regulations to be sure that your loved ones will be well taken care of. Having this information ready when you speak to your family will lessen the fear they have of moving.

3. Take More than One Visit – you should always make more than one trip. Going only once can leave a false impression of what the facilities are like. You want to get familiar with the place as well as the residents that already live there. By taking your parents or loved ones along with you they are able to see firsthand what the facilities are like and if they will enjoy it.

The key to getting your loved ones to transition is by making them feel loved throughout the entire process. By reassuring them they will be fine through words of encouragement and positivity they will feel that you understand their position and care. Also by having them involved in the decision process from beginning to end, you are also giving them the independence that they may feel deprived of by going to a facility for assisted living in the Putnam area.

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