Looking to fundraise for your school? Whether you're looking to make money for a field trip or the yearbook, fundraising is the perfect way to get money. Fundraising can often times seem hard and time-consuming, but with the right plan and idea to earn some money you and your school will be able to raise money while having fun! Before picking one of these fun fundraising ideas, make sure you promote the fundraiser around your school and community. A fun way to do this is by making signs and flyers to let everyone know when and where it's at!

Here are the top best ways to raise money for your school:

1. Cookie dough fundraiser:

Frozen Cookie dough is known as one of the best methods to earn money for schools. Who doesn't love cookie dough? It's one of the most profitable ways to earn money and is great for all schools. In fact, cookie dough has been sold and raised over 15 million dollars for schools worldwide. What's so great about a cookie dough fundraiser? The main part is that everyone eats cookies, and it's easy to find a wide variety of them to sell. The prices are reasonable and it's highly profitable. Cookie dough can be sold to parents, friends, relatives or just people in your community. Orders are taken through a two week period after or the customer fills out an order form with their choice of cookies. They come in convenient tubs and can be easily stored and refrigerated for months. It's a simple but delicious way to make money!

2.Scratch card fundraiser:

This one is easy, simple and quick - but also exciting! Scratch cards are highly profitable as well as cookie dough. You can get scratch cards online and even customise them with your school name and more! People enjoy scratch cards because they're basic and fun. Here's how it works - you approach friends and family and ask them to scratch two or even more dots. The total amount revealed is then given in return for a coupon sheet, including offers from a variety of companies and products! Each card can earn you up to 100 pounds and is 90% profitable! This fundraiser is fun to do around your neighbourhood.

3.Carnival fundraiser:

This type of fundraiser is sure to bring in lots of smiles and excitement but still get you tons of cash! A carnival fundraiser is great to do before a big football or basketball game at school. You can get in contact with your local Carnival game delivery and rent great carnival games that people can play for some cash! It'll bring tons of fun and spirit to your school, and you can even rent a dunk tank and have your teacher or prin[censored] l sit in it to get dunked for cash!

No matter what you do to raise money, fundraisers can be a fun team activity to show some pride and get rewards for your school. Start a fundraiser now to make money while having a blast!

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