Would you like to know how to manifest your own destiny? There is a definite truth to the motto "You can do whatever you can put your mind to". Anybody who has effectively manifested a goal starts with an awakening thought which fuses into a desire and then through focus, devotion and persistence have realized their desire into reality.

Write down your goals

To manifest your own destiny you must be absolutely certain about what your goals are. Every minute detail is significant as it adds to your inner experience and the feeling of having what you want. Write down in complete and clear-cut detail exactly what you desire – by writing down your goals your mind executes a ‘mini-visualization’ and produces a subliminal snapshot which it attaches to your goal. Your goal must be written in the present-day tense using an affirmative delivery, for example "It is August 2008 and I have $20,000 saved towards my home deposit" rather than "I am going to save money for my home deposit". Positively direct what you are saying, thinking and feeling towards your wish and ensure that it is aligned as closely as possible to your essential core beliefs.

Focus on your goal

To produce the life of your dreams you have to have your heart set on it, be unconditionally immersed and focused, and never give up on the belief that it is yours - continue believing that your dream will be fulfilled. The instant you confirm an intention to manifest a specific thing the universe has already created it, however, you have to persist with a regular focus before it can be realized in your life. In keeping with the universal Law of Attraction: the energy vibration that is circulated from our thoughts manifests itself, and is magnetically drawn towards a corresponding vibration. Whatever you consistently center your thoughts and attention on will be magnetically drawn towards your vibration and will become your reality.

Visualize your goal

Visualize and create a blueprint in your mind of your intention. This is a terrific way to speed up the manifesting procedure. If you find it hard to create a picture in your mind then collate an assortment of pertinent pictures in a special book or a PowerPoint presentation and spend between ten to thirty minutes fixating your attention on your goal. To improve the effectiveness of this process you should incorporate the use of all five senses if possible – by including touch, taste, smell, sight and sound you will magnify your visualization experience.

While performing my daily visualization ritual I have found the Dream Manifesto Wizard program to be a very beneficial tool that helps me to remain focused on my goals and dreams. This software is scientifically designed in accordance with quantum physics principles and uses specialized templates, sounds, and images that appeal to your senses.


Believe that what you desire is yours right now - feel your pulse race and the excitement overload from achieving your goal. As you visualize what you desire imagine that it is already yours in the present moment. Don't ponder "how" your goal is going to come about - just trust that you have put your order in and it is on its way. We live in a Universe which is overflowing with abundance and anything you desire is possible – just believe it to be so in the present moment.

The Law of Attraction provides you with the ability to realize anything you desire. The true essence of life is our tremendous capability to manifest, and we all have this marvelous skill. The honest truth is - YOU were born to manifest miracles!

Madonna Jeffries is the founder of Planet Abundance. To receive 2 FREE eBooks that will assist you with unlocking the secrets behind the Law of Attraction go to Planet Abundance.ERROR_DS_CROSS_DOMAIN_CLEANUP_REQD,ERROR_EVENTLOG_FILE_CORRUPT,ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_NEG_STATUS_END,ERROR_REC_NON_EXISTENT,RPC_S_UNKNOWN_AUTHZ_SERVICE
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