Positioning yourself as an expert on your chosen niche and building numerous inbound links for your website is very important in growing your ebusiness. These will help you boost your sales and improve your page ranking.

You can enjoy these benefits and more by distributing your articles online.

Here's how you can you speed up your article marketing.

1. Get your articles widely republished. Aside from submitting your articles to all leading article submission sites, it would help if you can allow ezine publishers and blog owners to use your content on their blog or website.

Each time your articles are used, you will generate additional inbound links for your site as these people will need to keep your resource box intact. You can easily convince other people to republish your articles by making sure that they are of high quality and that they are free from self-serving links.

2. Carefully choose your topics. To easily establish your expertise online, touch on topics that are extremely related to your chosen niche.

You can also talk about the burning questions or pressing issues being faced by your target market. It's not also a bad idea to talk about your products and services as long as you do not resort to blatant ads.

3. Volume is the key. You can easily maximize the benefits that you are getting from this tool if you can augment the number of your articles. I recommend that you strive to write and submit at least 10 articles per day.

This will give you at least 10 inbound links per day or 70 links in a week. These are enough to make some serious noise online and boost your page ranking in no time.

4. Bank on your resource box. Your resource box must contain your name, your site's URL, a call to action, and an elevator pitch.

It must also communicate your expertise, the reasons why people should trust you, and the problems that you solve. You may also include free ebooks or free reports to entice more people to click on your resource box.

5. Drive your readers to your squeeze page. The reason for this is very simple; if you send your readers to your website and they leave without making a purchase or without leaving their email addresses on your opt-in list, you will stand the risk of losing their business forever.

So, its better that you capture their contact information first before you grant them access to your website.

6. Outsource what you do not like to do. There is a saying when it comes to Internet marketing. "Do what you like best and outsource the rest"!

This certainly applies to article marketing as well. There are plenty of freelance writers and outsource workers who will take over your article marketing for you. Rather than procratinate article writing and submitting why not just outsource it!

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