The absolute truth about generic Viagra online is that they're counterfeit. That is why they won't work effectively. They could work but you're risking your health with a replica that may have more adverse effects than the original one by Pfizer. Pfizer still holds the patent for the manufacture of the drug so, if it's not made by this company it is fake or generic Viagra.

Since the FDA approved the mass production and distribution of Viagra in 1998, the blue pill for erectile dysfunction became the pharmacological gold. The rip-offs started to mushroom eventually, attempting to grab a substantial share of the hush-hush market of men with erectile dysfunction.

Pfizer soon opened its franchise to online pharmacies. The objective of these pharmacies that operate through the Internet is to target men who do not want to come out in the open about their ED problem. The online pharmacies sell the real, FDA-approved Viagra. As a standard operating principle, these online pharmacies require a prescription from their in-house physician. The consultation from these online pharmacies is usually free of charge.

Other pharmacies that sell the generic Viagra online charge extra for the consultation and prescription. Their versions of Viagra are sold at really low prices. You should set off the red alert when you suspect the prices to be too low. Many people have been scammed already and these users have risked it all in the name of privacy.

Many of these pharmacies that are not part of the Pfizer franchise would claim that they are selling sildenafil tablets. Yes, sildenafil is the active ingredient in the real Viagra but the huge difference is the FDA approval.

When you say counterfeit, does it mean generic? Unless the drug is made by the patent holder, packaged professionally, or bears the FDA confirmation, what you may be getting as generic Viagra online is the fake Viagra. It may have just been dyed blue and sold at ridiculous prices to pass as the real thing.

The real thing has real side effects like headaches, blurred visions, diarrhea, flushing, nasal congestion, dizziness, or dyspepsia. The worst effects are in the line of stroke, heart attack, or blindness. With these generic Viagra online, who knows what the risks are!

Erectile dysfunction is a real medical condition that is suffered by over 30 million American men. It is no surprise that many Viagra-like pills would come out to claim their percentage from this lucrative market.

Instead of going for prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction like Viagra, why not try to treat yourself naturally? There are already some proven natural treatments for this medical condition. Often, the natural counterparts of processed medications would exhibit the same efficacy and effectiveness. It is just a matter of discovering them and putting them to use.

The best thing about natural treatments or medications is that the hardly have any side effects on the user. Natural and organic substances as well as other natural methods for treating erectile dysfunction could well be your safest bet.

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