The effects of accommodations on test performance have been researched, but the findings that emerge from the existing research are inconclusive. These findings provide little guidance to those who must make decisions about which accommodations are suitable for particular kinds of students parti[censored] ting in particular assessments. What is lacking is research that directly examines the effects of accommodations on the validity of inferences to be made from scores. Overall, existing research does not provide definitive evidence about which procedures would produce the most valid estimates of performance. Moreover, it does not establish that scores for students with disabilities and English language learners obtained under accommodated conditions are as valid as scores for other students obtained under unaccommodated conditions.

For the most pan, existing research focuses on comparisons of the scores obtained under standard and accommodated conditions. We conclude that this research design is useful for understanding the effects of accommodations and does provide evidence of differential group performance, but we also conclude that it does not directly address the validity of inferences made from accommodated assessments.

In the committee's judgment, additional types of validity evidence should be collected. Validation studies in which evidence of criterion relatedness is collected have been conducted with the ACT and the SAT; similar studies should be conducted for NAEP and state assessments as well. We acknowledge that identification of appropriate criterion variables is more straightforward in the context of college admissions than in the K-12 context; however, we encourage efforts to identify and obtain reliable data on concurrent measures that can provide evidence of criterion validity for K-12 achievement results, such as grades, teacher ratings, or scores on other assessments of similar constructs. In addition, analyses of test content and test-takers' cognitive processes would provide further insight into the validity of results from accommodated administrations in the K-12 context. We note that NAEP's sponsors have initiated several studies of this kind since our committee began its investigations, and we encourage them to continue in this vein. Specifically, the committee makes the following recommendation:

Recommendation S-1: Research should be conducted that focuses on the validation of inferences based on accommodated assessments of students with disabilities and English language learners. Further research should be guided by a conceptual argument about the way accommodations are intended to function and the inferences the test results are intended to support. This research should include a variety of approaches and types of evidence, such as analyses of test content, test-takers' cognitive processes, and criterionrelated evidence, and other studies deemed appropriate.

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Network professionals normally uncover on their own on contact. All way too generally, a little something basic pops up while in these on-call durations that would be rapidly resolved together with the best instruments. As a result, several network professionals get themselves lugging close to a notebook "just in case". Nevertheless, Android phones are actually able to jogging many network apps which can drastically simplify these speedy fixes. While they will not exchange the Pc versions and they won't generally fix your predicament, these 7 applications are indispensable to a network specialist and may even save you from dragging out your laptop computer.


This useful very little application does just what exactly its identify suggests. Have to have to easily see if a host if up? Ping will let you ping by IP or DNS identify. Ping is really a really elementary network equipment so this software is as helpful as the Computer edition.


Ever before find yourself needing to transcend an essential ping to view if a host is jogging properly? As an example, it's possible you'll want to see if an internet page is actually down or not? HTTPing will send out a variety of HTTP Head requests towards the online server you specify to check out if your online server is up and serving pages. This can be a wonderful device if the accountable for just one or more net servers.


Ever before wish you could just speedily safe s[censored] right into a box to restart a services or make a few other fast solve? Due to ConnectBot, you'll be able to together with your Android cellular phone! The factor I found trickiest about ConnectBot was determining tips on how to deliver an ESC critical in VI. (Touch the screen through your session in addition to a contact ESC critical will show up). ConnectBot is definitely an exceedingly capable ssh shopper. I personally use this instrument on a regular basis.

Network Discovery

Network Discovery is actually a helpful tiny software that has a certainly pleasant interface. It will eventually scan the network for devices and show you the IP addresses and names of any units it finds. It is also very exact at detecting the kind of system. On my network it effectively labeled my AT&T router being a router but saw my network printer as being a Personal computer. A nice extra to this program is that if you touch an entry, it will move to some new display and do a port scan on that machine. It scans the most commonly used ports and this scan isn't configurable but it is still an useful feature.

Port Scandroid

If you have to configure a port scan or scan a particular range of ports, Port Scandroid is the device you would like. You enter an IP or DNS identify plus a start and stop port range and this device will perform a port scan, showing you any open ports. When this resources is very useful and free, it does have one particular annoying characteristic-the mobile has to be held in a portrait alignment to start a scan and if you flip the mobile phone horizontal during a scan, the scan stops managing.


This app simply amazed me the first time I saw it. If you use VNC to remotely control a machine, this software is for you. That is an Android implementation of the VNC viewer which allows you to remotely run a machine that is managing the VNC server. It takes some getting used to on Android since the display is so small and the control-alt-delete sequence is usually a very little tricky at first on the contact display. Nonetheless, if you just want to do a little something quick, this instrument will be invaluable.

Wifi Analyzer

It is 1 of my favorite instruments for finding open Wifi networks when I'm out and about but it's also very practical being a troubleshooting resource. Wifi Analyzer draws a chart of all the wifi networks in range showing their relative signal strength and what channel they are configured on. It also denotes closed and open networks. It can also recommend a channel to reduce interference based on what channels are in use.

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There are a lot of criteria to keep in mind while choosing a weight training program, however the most important one is the need to identify your requirements. Majority of weight training programs are designed for keeping body types in mind. There is no bodybuilding programs that can be said as universally applicable and you can easily discount any such claim as advertisement or marketing propaganda rather than a committed effort towards educating about weight training and bodybuilding. Most of weight training programs are either designed for beginner to intermediate level or for intermediate to advanced level of trainers. It is important to know and chose a program accordingly. There is no fixed criteria for defining levels in weight training classifications. However following general guidelines can be used.

Beginner Level: Someone who is either just starting with bodybuilding say for a period less than six months and is still to make a gain of around 25 pounds since the time of start. Please note that the time period of six month is just a guideline, you might have been training for years without having made any progress and you may be really lacking in the knowledge or efforts required to be classified as an intermediate bodybuilders.

Intermediate Level:These are people who have had a pleasant experience with bodybuilding and made a good start, it may be genetically gifted to them or a result of their dedicated efforts or a combination of both but at the current level they have reached a region where the growth is not coming the way it should come. Typically, people who have been training for 6- 12 months get classified as intermediates but it is not a good criteria.

Advanced Level: These are normally people who are breaking into their max region where they have become more biased either towards professional bodybuilding or related areas. Normally people training over 18 months with good knowledge and growth get classified into this area.

The first and the most important consideration is that you should know that which of the above categories do you belong with. If you think that you are a beginner or still at intermediate level then there is no point going for an advanced course. Most of the people fit in beginner level which makes it relatively easy to choose a bodybuilding program. Its the people at intermediate level, who find themselves in real confusion as to which category of programs should they opt for. The idea should be that if you are looking for gaining muscle mass or fat loss then go for beginner/intermediate level weight training programs, while if you think that you have gained mass and now you need to break of the plateau region and you want to move more towards your body looks while gaining additional mass then go for intermediate/advanced level weight training programs. You can read this classification of bodybuilding and weight training programs. It is bound to give you a deeper insight into weight training programs. For those of you who are at beginner or intermediate level, I suggest that you can read a review of musclehead or read about Sean Nalewanyj's Truth About Building The Muscle. These both programs are good and have been used by a lot of people. Remember one thing a program not meant for you is not going to bring you any benefit even if it is the most popular program on earth. Make your decisions wisely.

Nick Clipton http://www.buildingbodymuscles.com
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The title of this article points to a very disturbing trend that has been going on in the world today. More and more people are turning towards the Forex market as a means to make either a secondary income or to open up a revenue stream that would soon be the main source of income for them. Yes, the Forex market is a great place for anyone to make money, due to its liquidity and often predictable market psychology.

A seasoned FX trader will tell you that the very dynamism of the Forex market and the fact that its psychology often goes into patterns will allow you to be able to almost predict currency movements and design your strategies around them. But often than not, websites offering brokerage services are often at fault in the trend of hundreds of investors burning out every week.

They promise, with sweeping statements, an almost overnight success formula with FX. Let’s be clear about one thing. Forex is still a type of commodities trading and compared to more traditional trading options like stocks and futures, Forex carries with it its own unique set of risks and dangers. The rules are still the same, you need to have an education of the market before you even decide to put your money in a brokerage account and start investing. Going in blind and with minimal information is the one problem of many investors out there. The thing is, this can be traced to the popularity of over the counter trade and day trading, especially when FX was paired quite successfully with the internet.

Now a 24 hour market was paired with a 24 hour platform, and with the advent of Forex programmes and software, people found it an easy access investment market where even part time students could start making investment decisions on currency and make some money on the side. All of this is true, down to the basics of investing in Forex, but no one can succeed without training and education; especially if you are a budding trader. You need to involve yourself in as much literature on the subject as you can.

You need to know about the different types of trading in the Fx market, and how money is both measured and made. You need to understand the market psychology and find out about the many factors that can affect the currency pair that you have chosen. The best way is that you sign up for a dummy account and start investing in the Forex market with fake money. This way, you will be able to find out first hand if you are made to measure, compatible with a dynamic market that needs constant attention.

The worst thing that budding investors can do is to rush into the Forex market, thinking it is an oasis to all the problems of the world. Be careful with this and treat it as gingerly as you would any investment market, with a good head and some basic Forex trading education.

Click Here to claim your Free Forex “Basic Momentum Analysis” report today! Christopher Lee helps thousands of traders learn the proper way to trade currency. He is an authority on Forex candlestick trading at http://www.Forex-Trading-Profits.com .
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You see it every time you go to the supermarket, on the plastic bags you use to package your fruits and vegetables, on the paper or plastic grocery bags the cashier or bagger uses to bag your purchases and even on television commercials. It simply states 5 A Day For Better Health. The message if obviously referencing to eating five or more portions of fresh fruits and vegetables a day for better health.

If you or children are not big fans of fruits and vegetables. The vegetables especially, it may be quite a difficult thing to manage to fit in and consume what is considered to be a portion, five times a day at that. In this case juicing may be just what you're looking for.

Instead of consuming all those prepackaged prepared juices, try making your own fresh juices. Spend that money on fresh produce and taste the difference. Besides those packaged juices are made from concentrates. They are also heated to destroy the bacteriaand give the product a long shelf life, but this heating destroys the essential enzymes and a good amount of the vitamins contained in the juice.

Here are some vegetable juice recipes to help you get started.If you are used to all the sweetened drinks and sodas, this is a simple recipe to wean you off of them. It is very sweet. loaded with beta-carotene for the eyes and has antioxidants to protect the body. And don't worry the natural sugars contained in the fruits and vegetables won't spike your insulin levels the way commercially prepared drinks will.

2 apples and 6 carrots, a pinch of ginger and cinnamon. Wash the produce, core the apple and cut the tops off the carrots, cut into pieces and juice. Serve chilled.

A variation on the above recipe can be made by adding about 2 cups offresh spinach. This will add to the vitamin and antioxidant content andgive you your portion of green vegetables. Plus you will be able totolerate the taste of the spinach if you're not a big fan of spinach.

Another benefit is if you drink a glass of this about a half hour before mealtime, you will actually feel less hungry, so it's great in a weight reduction plan without adding any extra calories.

If you've tried V8 juice and liked it, here is a basic vegetable juice recipe that you can try that mimics V8 juice, without all the bells and whistles. You can add those later if you like the basic one.

3 large tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 stalk of celery, a dash of salt, and a dash of pepper.

To enhance the flavor just add the vegetables you think you would like to try, such as green peppers, carrots, beets, even an onion. You can flavor it with spices such as oregano, basil, and parsley.

If your family isn't into broccoli try this recipe.

1 broccoli crown (to start with), 4 apples, 4 celery stalks, and if you really want to kill the taste of the broccoli, add half a lemon to the mix.

These basic recipes should help you to get started. Just create as you go adding the things you like, that doesn't mean ice cream, but yogurt's ok.

Want to learn more about vegetable juice recipes? Visit my website at http://www.recipesforjuicingtips.com for helpful tips and information on creating the best juices for your needs.
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