"Higher Vibration is not Necessarily Better or More Loving


How our Judgments have "Colored" our Experience."

There is an underlying assumption, a prejudice, especially in spiritual circles, that higher vibration is automatically better, somehow closer to God, to Love.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding that has caused problems and ripple effects throughout the universe and for the manifested spirits (us).

Why has this happened? What is the original cause?

How has it manifested in Creation?

What patterns has it created on Earth?

How has it taken our Freedom away?

Who has been interested in promoting this idea?

How can we learn to intuitively feel the difference between Loving Light/Vibration and Unloving Light/Vibration?


How can we heal and set this right so as to let Love, ease, the Golden Age, Heaven, The Garden of Eden, fun, play, openness back onto Earth fully manifest (As Above, So Below)?

Alacrity, speed, sharpness, intelligence, the lightning running across the sky, the quick wit, the quickness to anger, the blinding flash of rage, the intelligence that shames others...these are all of fast or "high" vibration. But they are not all loving.

Speed of Spirit, of Mind, Intelligence are exhilirating, like a roller coaster, like driving a car really fast, a speeding motorcycle, a space ship that travels through space and time, a mystic who can travel in his conciousness instantly to all parts of the universe. This is an exciting energy and can be really fun...but it is not always healthy or loving.

When you look at the visible light spectrum from black to white, R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. (Black)- Red- Orange- Yellow- Green- Blue- Indigo-Violet- (White) it goes from slower to faster vibration of electro-magnetic energy as you go up the spectrum from black to white.

Does this mean that we don't like red or orange? just because they are "lower" and "slower"? If we're honest, the opposite is true on earth, many of us like red, orange and black better, they feel more powerful than the other colors. It's crazy to label any color "bad" or "wrong" because they have a lower freguency of light vibration. The whole spectrum is needed for light to function.

But that's what we do...we label the "lower" chakras more "base" more animalistic than the "higher" chakras, which are supposedly more "pure".

An Updated Description of the Colors of our Chakras (wheels of energy)

1st Chakra - Red is the color of our survival chakra, the perineum, our rectum, our asshole, which by our judging it harshly has been turned into our "kill or be killed" chakra. When someone feels their life threatened they often lose control of their bowels and bladder. The Red chakra in it's natural state is passion, heat, incredible warming sustaining, nurturing energy, like the red molten core of the earth itself. We shame each other by calling each other "assholes". What the profanity, the swear words, are in a culture tells us what that culture has judged.

2nd Chakra - Orange is the color of your creative sexual energy chakra, your lust for love and life. Your wanting to live, to create, to explore. We have also heavily judged this chakra as wrong when spontaneusly wanting to express. We feel we need to "civilize" it, shackle it, only give it certain socially appropriate ways of expressing. Most spiritual traditions have made this chakra "wrong", or "base" and needing to be controlled. Western religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism have just avoided dealing with this chakra altogether and if anything only let it be understood that sex is basically animalistic and wrong in God's eyes. More sophisticated spiritual schools have said that "desire is the cause of suffering" and we must raise our energy into the higher chakras finally achieving liberation out through the crown chakra. In these spiritual schools there is most often also a judgment against this chakra and an attempt to avoid having to deal with sex, lust, desire by focusing on the higher chakras. This does not work and often spiritual schools, monasteries, retreats, churches have active sex lives going on but in denial with everyone pretending it is not happening.

3rd Chakra - Yellow is the color of our Solar (sun = yellow) Plexus. Our feeling, sensing, intuitive center. This chakra has in the fallen creation made the decision of "flight or fight". This is where we feel our fear, our "butterflies" in our stomach is when this chakra is vibrating and sensing, trying to send us messages. We have judged this chakra heavily also. "You yellow bellied...so and so...". We have shamed each other into denying our fears. "Oh, no I'm not afraid. I'm willing to do the risky stupid thing so I don't look weak in front of the group". It has become easy to control others on earth by challenging their courage and calling them scared- "pussies"- wimps. 5000 wars have been fought on earth in recorded history by getting men to deny their fear and "Charge!" ahead to prove their courage and manhood mostly to their death. This has caused massive damage to the intuitive 3rd - yellow - solar chakra and so most men have lost touch with their intuition and are therefore easily controllable and without real free wills.

4th Chakra - Green is the color of Heart and also, not surprisingingly, the color of Love expressing on planet earth in her mostly green lifeforms. When earth receives the Love of the Sun what colour does she exuberantly overflow with? Green! all over the place! Heart is the solution, the pivot point, the gateway between the "above" and "below" chakras. Heart has been heavily denied, shamed, made fun of as impractical, naive, too sweet, too childlike, to function in our survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog world. Jesus of course was Heart and symbolically Heart is hung on the cross between heaven and earth and killed, sacrificed. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in all the western countries because those are the countries where we have most heavily denied our hearts in favor of technology-mechanism-intellect. Without opening this chakra there is no possibility of having real enjoyable Life on earth.

5th Chakra - Blue is the color of our throat chakra and the one currently controlling the earth. These are the police forces "The (thin) Blue Line" protecting us from those horrible "lower" chakras. Blue is the voice telling others what to do, how to live, and shaming us with words if we don't do what blue "knows best". This has become the dominator color on earth. Controlling people with words. Blue likes to mix itself with White which they think represents God, but remember White is also the color of blinding flashing rage, Lucifer. Lucifers name means the brightest whitest light in the Universe. There needs to be the feeling of Love in the white light or else it becomes domination of others.

6th Chakra - Indigo is the color of the spiritual seer. The visionary, the third eye in the center of our foreheads. Indigo has been caught in between the Purple and Blue chakras, between Spirit and Dominator. Indigo has had a hard time because neither Blue nor Purple has wanted to hear from each other or cooperate and Indigo has been the go-between that has often been rejected by both sides. Indigo can see where we are heading and tries to warn those in control (blue and purple) but blue and purple have mostly been interested in keeping their control no matter what they need to to, who or how many have to be killed, even if the Earth itself needs to be blown up and sacrificed. Indigo has had a very hard time on earth trying to share what it sees.

7th Chakra - Purple/Violet is the color of this "crown" chakra. Kings, royalty have used this color to legitimize their "crowns", their ruling others, their hearing directly from God above and dispersing the white light down into the body. But the side of purple that hasn't let itself be seen very much is the control, the feeling "above it all", ruling with an iron hand the "lower" castes of people. Purple sometimes has a perspective of "the masses are asses" and need to be controlled. Purple hasn't wanted to incarnate fully, has wanted to remain above it all. Sexually this has often manifested in wanting to watch the "lower" ones have sex, instead of having it themselves.

Many spirits on earth are of one dominant color, we are blue spirits, red spirits, yellow, green spirits etc. This is the color that we originally were birthed out of by God/Goddess, Father/Mother or created in the electromagnetic spectrum of visible energy for Earth if you prefer a more scientific, non-theistic approach.

So in the current creation on earth, Purple and Blue spirits have ruled while fighting each other for power with Indigo spirits trying to share a vision of a better way but getting used by both sides for information while rejected and killed as well. Green spirits have tried to inject Love and pleaded for balance between the first three chakras with the last three. But Heart- Love has been mostly rejected unless it is willing to fit into the boxes that purple and blue tell it is it's right place. Jesus, as Heart, acted out how Heart has been sacrificed in favor of control and domination on earth. Yellow tries to warn us that something feels off, is wrong, but is told to shut up and is mostly avoided and shamed. Orange is used as a slave to get pleasure from but is considered "base" and not accepted openly into the halls of power, and Red is labelled unstable, too passionate, given to fits of temper, uncouth, backward and needing to be strongly controlled and also enslaved to do the undesireable grunt work of society like garbage collecting, eliminating, digging ditches, building etc., but given no respect or acceptance.

So instead of a Rainbow balanced in Love with the colours melding, sharing, operating like a chorus, like a symphony to give colour, flavor, fun and millions of possible combinations to explore in the creation, it has turned into a hell of fear, control, domination and war with blue and purple spirits hiding behind money and gated communities in the USA and Europe, using their police forces, technological weapons and armies to maintain control and "order", while green and yellow spirits plead and implore for more love and justice, and orange and red spirits are practically enslaved in low paying jobs, quarantined in jails, or fighting amongst themselves for whatever scraps of energy they can get. So most of the different colored spirits end up living short fearful, stressed lives on earth while hoping and telling each other that "heaven" is where there will finally be justice, peace, love, everlasting life, etc.

The truth is unless the balance is found on earth there is no real balance in the other dimensions either. "What you bind on earth you bind in heaven, what you loose on earth you loose in heaven." Why else would we continually come back and reincarnate by our free will choice? It is because when we go to the "other side" after death we see that we need to reincarnate to become free, to free up our energies, our crashed chakra systems. It is our choice to come back here. Usually when we return to earth we wonder what we are doing here, because we forget our intentions. And so it has gone for the last 5 million years with civilizations rising and falling with spirits trying to dominate one another.

This message is from an Indigo spirit seeing and wanting to share the vision in hope of assisting in others awakening.

Radical Truthtelling is the first step.

Nothing can stop you from your personal Awakening, all you have to do is to say Yes!

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Would you like to know how to manifest your own destiny? There is a definite truth to the motto "You can do whatever you can put your mind to". Anybody who has effectively manifested a goal starts with an awakening thought which fuses into a desire and then through focus, devotion and persistence have realized their desire into reality.

Write down your goals

To manifest your own destiny you must be absolutely certain about what your goals are. Every minute detail is significant as it adds to your inner experience and the feeling of having what you want. Write down in complete and clear-cut detail exactly what you desire – by writing down your goals your mind executes a ‘mini-visualization’ and produces a subliminal snapshot which it attaches to your goal. Your goal must be written in the present-day tense using an affirmative delivery, for example "It is August 2008 and I have $20,000 saved towards my home deposit" rather than "I am going to save money for my home deposit". Positively direct what you are saying, thinking and feeling towards your wish and ensure that it is aligned as closely as possible to your essential core beliefs.

Focus on your goal

To produce the life of your dreams you have to have your heart set on it, be unconditionally immersed and focused, and never give up on the belief that it is yours - continue believing that your dream will be fulfilled. The instant you confirm an intention to manifest a specific thing the universe has already created it, however, you have to persist with a regular focus before it can be realized in your life. In keeping with the universal Law of Attraction: the energy vibration that is circulated from our thoughts manifests itself, and is magnetically drawn towards a corresponding vibration. Whatever you consistently center your thoughts and attention on will be magnetically drawn towards your vibration and will become your reality.

Visualize your goal

Visualize and create a blueprint in your mind of your intention. This is a terrific way to speed up the manifesting procedure. If you find it hard to create a picture in your mind then collate an assortment of pertinent pictures in a special book or a PowerPoint presentation and spend between ten to thirty minutes fixating your attention on your goal. To improve the effectiveness of this process you should incorporate the use of all five senses if possible – by including touch, taste, smell, sight and sound you will magnify your visualization experience.

While performing my daily visualization ritual I have found the Dream Manifesto Wizard program to be a very beneficial tool that helps me to remain focused on my goals and dreams. This software is scientifically designed in accordance with quantum physics principles and uses specialized templates, sounds, and images that appeal to your senses.


Believe that what you desire is yours right now - feel your pulse race and the excitement overload from achieving your goal. As you visualize what you desire imagine that it is already yours in the present moment. Don't ponder "how" your goal is going to come about - just trust that you have put your order in and it is on its way. We live in a Universe which is overflowing with abundance and anything you desire is possible – just believe it to be so in the present moment.

The Law of Attraction provides you with the ability to realize anything you desire. The true essence of life is our tremendous capability to manifest, and we all have this marvelous skill. The honest truth is - YOU were born to manifest miracles!

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3.Carnival fundraiser:

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You can find innumerable motels dotted all along Bali. A few of the well-liked destinations of Bali where by you are able to look for a very good variety of resorts are Ubud, Sanur, Nusa dua and Kuta.

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Tourists preparing their journey to Sansur can look for a great amount of outstanding accommodation selections. You will find numerous 4 star, 3 star and low-cost inns in this element of Bali. Appreciate a luxurious stay in Grand Bali Seaside Motel which can be reputedly the 1st international motel in Bali. You'll be able to decide on certainly one of the thatched roofing bungalows inside the La Tavern Inn. The Mercure Vacation resort Sansur Bali soon after its recent restoration is one among one of the most favored resorts from the location. Many of the resorts have on-site restaurants where by guests can relish a range of regional sea food delicacies. Immediately after a fabulous meal you are able to pamper your self inside private seas[censored] on the Parigata Vacation resort and Spa.

June to September could be the primarily the visitor period in Bali. If you happen to be preparing your journey in July or August then make certain which you make reservation in any certainly one of the motels. As the rates from the inn throughout these months could be a bit higher it is possible to save your costs by preparing your journey throughout the off-peak season. Almost all of the motels in Bali have provision for on-line booking.

Visitors from all corners on the globe arrive to North Bali for spending a superb vacation. Wonder at the breathtaking mountains and also deal with your eyes by the amazing views in the Java Sea. A lot of the resorts within the northern element of Bali produce an uncomplicated access towards seas[censored] areas. Indulge from the varied water sport activities which might be loved by all journey fanatics. A number of the well-known accommodations in which you are able to locate in South Kuta are Asdi Jaya Lodge Tuban, Jimbaran, Tuban Bali, Febri Inn and Spa, Hotel Green Garden Seas[censored] Vacation resort with Spa, Rama Seaside Vacation resort and Villa.

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Putting up a business on the Internet can be tough especially if you do not have any idea on what kind of business to set up and how to build one. But do not worry; there are several resources online which offer tips and tutorials on how to eBay business. If you really want to enter in this kind of business, here are some tips to help you get going.

Tip #1. Be serious with your craft.

This is of the essential parts of building an eBay business. In truth, this is important to any kind of business. If you want to earn a living and be successful, you need to be focused and dedicated in what you do. Set your business goals and create a business plan. Think of some strategies on how to make your business plan work. Specifically, think of a product that would be sellable to large-scale customers. Expect risks. Remember that it will take time for your business to flourish. All you need is hard work and strong reputation in order to succeed. You will see that in the end you will reap all benefits of your hard work and dedication.

Tip #2. Capitalize on products that are saleable. It is very important to be creative when promoting your products. But most importantly, you need to sell products which you think are in demand in the market. But in order to do this, you have to conduct a research on which products are currently in demand in the market. Find out what other eBay sellers are selling and how they market them. This way you can be sure to make a profit on your business.

Tip #3. Consider your marketing tool. When you have already decided what to sell, then it is time to think of how to market your products. There are different ways on how to eBay business. But you need to be careful in choosing the promotional tool to use. Take advantage of the online resources to learn the most effective way to promote your eBay store. If you figured out the right marketing tool, for sure the more customers will buy your products. This means more sales and higher profits in your eBay business.

Indeed, there are so many people who have benefited much from selling on eBay. EBay serves as auction site where people from different parts of the globe can buy and sell products as well as services. So if you want to make money without difficulty, why not start your own eBay business now?

There are numerous benefits that await you when you engage in an eBay business. But first you will need to master the skills on how to eBay business effectively. Also keep in mind that when you join in this kind of business, it is a must to keep an eye on your products and your competitors as well. Make sure that you maintain a positive response from your target market. Why is it so? This is because it would be your basis in determining if your products are selling or not. The more positive feedbacks you get, the higher your product sales will be. And the higher sales would mean better income on your part.

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